Lakeshore Cancer Center

We are Lakeshore Cancer Center

Lakeshore Cancer Center is the 1st Operational Facility in Nigeria solely dedicated to cancer prevention and treatment! Our team consist of certified cancer specialists and a cross section of highly dedicated and passionate professionals.

LCC also has strong ties to the oldest cancer center in the world – Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) located in Buffalo, New York.

We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Personalized cancer care with highly trained team of doctors, nurses and other clinical professionals.
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy following international NCCN guidelines (also skilled to monitor and manage side effects).
  • Supportive care such as Counselling, Nutritional support and Physiotherapy.
  • Palliative care, home-care and pain management for both oncology and non-oncology patients.
  • Access to extensive pool of International Cancer Experts both by periodic, short tenure at the Lakeshore Cancer Center and by Tele-Medicine.
  • Training and education and clinical care over sight inclusive of an active weekly Tumour Board drawing from a range of clinical expertise.
  • Research programs to include Clinical trials at our facility and in collaboration with other affiliated centers.
  • Access to medical testing and health-care professionals for cancer screening at special discounted rates with corporate and personal contracts. Screenings include various lab tests and imaging such as mammograms and ultrasound.
  • Fully equipped laboratory, pharmacy, consultation rooms, surgical room, with screening, diagnostic and treatment facilities conveniently located on site.
  • Extensive referral network with access to various medical expertise and radiotherapy within and outside Nigeria.
Expansion Plans

Lakeshore Cancer Center is in the process of expansion to Phase 2 which will consist of a 4 storey state-of-the-art facility designed to greatly enhance all our current services and also include external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy.

Besides, the admission facility the new center will also have an intensive care unit for patients requiring critical care and a Hospice Care Unit that will offer Palliative care support to terminally ill patients.

In the future, Lakeshore’s plan is to expand its diagnostic services to include other modalities such as MRI or nuclear medicine, expand its rehabilitation and survivorship services, and enhance its current research and training activities while continuing to raise awareness and provide screening services.