Bindiya Chugani

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Bindiya Chugani

Position: Center Director/Clinical Research Coordinator

Bindiya is serving a dual role in Lakeshore Cancer Center: Center Director and Clinical Research Coordinator. She is a key player in overseeing and aligning the strategic and operational side of the Clinic and conducting research activities in collaboration with institutions in Lagos. Having been born and bred in Nigeria, Bindiya has developed uncanny troubleshooting skills, which enables her to excel in her current role. She moved to Toronto, Canada for her studies where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Toxicology at the University of Toronto with a minor in Economics, immediately followed by a Masters of Science in Pharmacology focused in Clinical Neuroscience.

Over the years, she took on a number of project management roles including a multi-year tenure at the Center of Addiction and Mental Health, in Toronto, Canada, where she planned and executed a large scale research project. She has also worked in the business setting in Nigeria serving in both marketing and management roles.

After several years abroad, she decided to permanently return home to Nigeria and work within the healthcare industry bringing in the Western Perspective . Bindiya’s passion for improving healthcare in Nigeria and her previous experience in clinical research along with her practical business knowledge will prove to be an asset within the organization